Alejandro Boucabeille

Mag. Alejandro Boucabeille BA MA MA, is a PhD Candidate in History at the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck since early 2013 and a MA Candidate in Philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires. After studies in Law, Political Sciences, History, Sociology, Archaeology and Peace & Conflict Studies in Vienna, Innsbruck, Thessaloniki, Athens, Bruges; academic exchanges and fellowships in Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Taichung, Brussels, New Orleans, Phoenix, Boston and Mexico City he is mainly working in the academic field of Migration Studies but also Human-Animal Studies (HAS). He has further studied the MA European Political & Administrative Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges (in English and French) and graduated with Master from the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona) in Travel Journalism (in Spanish). He has been a Junior Fellow at the University of New Orleans (UNO) in 2011 and is currently a Research Fellow at the National Library of Argentina and the Jewish Institute for Research (IWO) in Buenos Aires, where he is finalizing his PhD thesis. Apart from this he is working as an advisor for government bodies in Argentina and forms part of the research team of the Centro Diha: Dokumentationszentrum der deutschsprachigen Immigration nach Argentinien. For 2016 to 2018 he has been voted at the National Assembly of Amnesty International as one of five presidents of AI Austria. Since 2012 he is the Academic Assistant of Prof. Tilo Schabert and co-organizes the famous scientific ERANOS conferences:

As part of the interdisciplinary HAS (Human-Animal Studies) Team at the University of Innsbruck he has co-edited two books: and Apart from this he has participated at different Veganmanias and Tierrechtskongresse as well as other HAS-conferences in Hamburg, Basel or the Vegfest in Argentina.

Alejandro has participated also through different positions in the universities students unions, diverse memberships in commissions of the Institute for History and Institute for Political Science, and is a member of the AGRU Critical University (Kritische Universität).

His other research interests are: Migration-Memory-Identity-Interculturality, Jewish studies, Critical HAS Studies, International Relations, Diplomacy, Cultural Studies, Media Theory, Organized Crime, Corruption, Race&Gender&Speciesism, Postcolonialism, discourse analysis, power-knowledge-social control, history of ideas, Latin American Studies, Literature & Politics, Religion & Politics, Peace & Conflict studies, Africa, Oral History etc.

Due to his literary interests and activities, he has translated several books and essays (academic, fiction and poetry) from different languages (English, German, French and Spanish) and has given courses on different cultural and literary subjects and participated on conferences and tributes etc. like in Mexico (Mexico City: UNAM, Universidad Iberoamericana, Tolerance and Memory Museum, Cultural Centre Carlos Fuentes, Casa Lamm, Cultural Centre José Marti etc.; Acapulco: Instituto Tecnologico, Centro Cultural; San Miguel de Allende: Casa Europa; Veracruz: Universidad del Valle; Queretaro: Universidad del Valle etc.), Germany (Mainz), Austria (Innsbruck, St. Pölten, Wien), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), India (Calcuta) et ali. He has also been invited twice as a keynote speaker (Acapulco and Mexico City).

Apart from his academic work he writes fiction and poetry and loves to travel (he has visited 86 countries), shooting films and learn new languages. He has been fortunate to speak 7 languages and to have experienced different jobs like being an actor, film director assistant (of famous Greek director Theodorus Angelopoulos), language teacher, Corporate General Manager of an exclusive Boutique Hotel chain in Thailand (more soon on his autobiographical book: „The 99 jobs of Alejandro B.“).

He is a founding member of LIFE-Universitäre Interessengemeinschaft für Tierrechte as well as the founder and President of ACHT-Asociación Cultural de Hispanohablantes en Tirol (Cultural Association of Spanish speaking people in Tyrol).

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