Nihil Addendum – Innsbruck Journal of Political Science and Sociology is comprised of a scientific journal, as well as an online platform, which aims at allowing scientific exchange, communication and cooperation among readers and contributors. The journal and online platform are intended to give students the opportunity to exchange subject-specific content.
Nihil Addendum has set itself a number of goals: to deepen students’ understanding of the scientific publication process (1); to become familiar with the framework of the peer-reviewing process (2); to provide knowledge on various scientific disciplines (3); as well as publishing the finest scholarly work done by undergraduate students in the fields of political science and sociology (4).
Students are offered the opportunity to showcase their best practice examples of scientific  student papers and take part in the peer-review process. In order to publish their works, students become familiar with certain guidelines connected to this procedure, but will also be able to enjoy the recognition which comes along with being a contributor to a scientific journal. It is also our goal to retrieve papers which are currently lost to the archives and make these scholarly works available to the public.
Scientific publications are a central part of scientific communication among researchers, lecturers and students, which is not restricted to the university sector. Over the course of the last three years, a number of discussions have taken place between lecturers and students, in order to find solutions for a variety of shortcomings concerning the scientific works of students. We also  saw ourselves faced with the concern that the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology in Innsbruck, although maintaining a high standard of teaching, is relatively unknown, compared to faculties of other Universities. We reached the conlusion that not only the quality of Bachelor theses needs to be  improved, but also the scientific exchange with the faculty itself. The result of these discussions and deliberations is „Nihil Addendum – Innsbruck Journal of Political Science and Sociology“.


Nihil Addendum is a journal from students for students and sets itself these goals:

  • Debate on scientific topics
  • Establishment of a political science and sociology journal which gives students a chance to have their work published and involves students in the peer-review process
  • Editorial experience for students: organisation, peer-review, layout
  • Strengthening the communication between faculty and students
  • Making visible the scholarly works of political science and sociology students, in order to increase the scientific discourse


In addition to the printed journal, publications are accessible online. The journal contains a shortened version of the scientific paper, in order to keep the focus on the research design, while the online version lays its emphasis on research results and the structure of the arguments made by the author.

Expanding the team and advisors is an important characteristic of the Nihil Addendum project.


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