Juni 2015

The Tragedy of Strategy: Why Afghanistan is still in Chaos

Last year turned out to be as one of the most turbulent years in Afghan history for a while. In June, the Afghans elected a new government, accompanied by widespread election fraud and an unclear result. It was therefore a case of emergency when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry promptly flew to Kabul in order to broker a deal between the two rivals Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah. After forming a “unity governme
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Mit Zickzackkurs zum „Brexit“?

Durch den klaren Erfolg David Camerons bei den Unterhauswahlen steht es fest. Spätestens 2017 werden die Briten über den Austritt aus der EU entscheiden. Erleben wir nun also das letzte Kapitel einer vier Jahrzehnte dauernden krisenhaften Partnerschaft, oder geht das Vereinigte Königreich nur seinen Zickzackkurs weiter, um sich innerhalb der Gemeinschaft neuerlich mehr Spielraum zu verschaffen? Am 9. Mai 1950 gab der
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The Turkish Elections and its Consequences

In regard to the loss votes for the AKP one must be fair: considering that the Turkish economy is stagnating, unemployment is rising, the region is in terrible turmoil – both politically and economically – and the appeal of the AKP’s version of conservativism is waning, the party did reasonably well gaining more than 18 million, or 40.7% of the votes1. For most parts this is due to president Erdoğan’s political skill
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